A large infestation of zombies has been spotted in the old abandoned village and Woods of the farm and we need your help to get them out. Recruit your soldiers and conquer them all!

Lets go back 300 years to the very beginning.... An old, dilapidated, and haunted farm where it rumored that an old hermit lived. Wandering the property at night. Get the full effect with a combined wagon ride and a walk down the Phantoms Phorsaken Path and walk through groves of haunted forest and mazes of corn.....BEWARE THE PHANTOM MAY APPEAR AT ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.

                                                                  On a moonless fall night nearly 300 years ago in a farm

                                                                  house that still stands today an entire family simply

                                                                  vanished into thin air, even now on the darkest nights

​                                                                  neighbors still swear they hear tortured screams from what has come to be called the Phantom Farm Manor. Explore the Manors 30+ rooms..... Can you make it out alive or will you end up as one of the lost souls still roaming the halls?